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Picture Lockets

All jewelry lockets can hold paper photos or be engraved with a photo inside. Unique photo lasering process is 100% waterproof and scratchproof. Upload, E-mail, Or Mail in your photos.
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White Gold Locket & White Gold Locket Necklace

Our stunning white gold photo lockets are available for sale with or without our laser engrave technique. Choosing a laser engraved photo in a 14K white gold locket will make it a custom white gold photo locket. . We have a patented technology that lets us laser engrave your photos into our 14k white gold lockets to create personalized photo lockets. The result is a beautiful 14K white gold photo locket with your memories engraved inside the photo locket. There is also the option to engrave a personal message on the front, inside or reverse side of the White Gold locket.

Laser Photo engraving white gold photo lockets enables ordinary 14K White Gold lockets to become personalized white gold photo lockets. Our white gold lockets are available in several shapes and designs. We only work with solid 14K white gold lockets, solid 14K yellow gold lockets and Sterling Silver lockets. We feel strongly about offering only quality medals with our line of custom engraved white gold lockets and photo lockets
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