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Picture Lockets

All jewelry lockets can hold paper photos or be engraved with a photo inside. Unique photo lasering process is 100% waterproof and scratchproof. Upload, E-mail, Or Mail in your photos.
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Gold Lockets

All of our 14k Gold Lockets, can be engraved or color lasered with a photo inside. The process of lasering lockets is different from the process used to create ordinary paper photo lockets. The quality and resolution on our photo locket pendants is better. Using your photos along with a digital process your photo will be lasered engraved into your 14k yellow gold custom locket, making your locket 100% waterproof. Our 14k yellow gold lockets and personalized gold locket jewelry do not have to be lasered engraved by, all our locket pendants can hold your paper photos as well. If you like the look and feel of our lockets but want the tradition experience of a paper photo on the inside than you can order any of our lockets and forgo the engraving. When you receive the locket just crop a personal photo in the right size and insert it into the locket and you will have a personalized and stunning yellow gold locket pendant.

A yellow gold photo locket is one of the perfect gifts to give for any occasion. You can choose to laser engrave your locket with the photo of your choice or you can insert your own paper photo. And of course there is the famous question, I do not know what picture my recipient would want in their locket? In that case, when you purchase your locket, do know you are more than welcome to send back your locket to with the exact picture your recipient would like to be lasered engraved and would be more than happy to make you your very own custom photo locket.
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